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EMOJIZ - Animated 3D pack of 3D emoticons

The EMOJIZ pack by ThreeDee offers a vibrant collection of 77 handcrafted, animated 3D emojis that are fun and straightforward to use, enhancing the visual appeal of various projects. The pack includes source files, allowing customization even by those new to Blender, supported by an included tutorial.

Designed to be versatile, the emojis are optimized for white and black user interfaces, providing a wide range of expressions to suit different needs. The pack comes with other file formats, including .blend, PNG, GIF, and MOV, all with transparent backgrounds, making it easy to drag and drop into your favorite design tools.

You can visit their webpage for further information and to view these animated emojis.

Things you will love ❤️

Optimized for white & dark UI ♡🖤

Every animation is optimized for white & dark UI.
2 different scenes are included. See what is inside (video)

Original emoji set

To differentiate ourselves, we did a considerable design exploration and research. We sketched more than 15 different styles of emojis. We picked the best one.

Source 3D files, MP4, GIF, PNGs included 🤯

Your use cases are covered. We created various files for all of your needs. Just drag and drop to your favorite design tool. All emojis have a transparent background. See what is inside (video)

Customize your 3D emoji🚀

We created a tutorial so you can customize 3D emoticons. Even if you are new to Blender. You can combine them with our other libraries and have fun.

Btw, Blender is free.

Drag & drop to your favorite tool ❤️

The multiple export formats make it easier than just dragging and dropping emojis into your favorite tool. See what is inside (video)


Sample of UI with animated 3D emojis
Sample preview of 3D emoji
Sample preview of 3D emoji
Sample preview of 3D emoji

What others say

ThreeDee work is remarkable. The emojis they create bring artistic value to our projects. I ordered a custom emoji, and the result is fantastic.


CEO at Lamacorn

ThreeDee's Emojiz is a spot-on 3D interpretation of all our favorite emojis that we use daily. They help me bring my design to life.
I'm super happy with it, thank you!

Max Schulmeister

Product Designer

TreeDee libraries are amazing resources for designers!
The 3D libraries are perfectly designed and provide countless combinations to best fit your projects.By following Sam's tutorials, even those without in-depth knowledge of the 3D world can customize the models quickly and easily.

Patrizia Slongo

UX/UI Designer

Rating on Gumroad:

Sample preview of 3D emoji

 Thank you for reading❤️


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