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Among the critical features of ILLUSTRATIONZ library are the following:

1. Massive Variety: With over 167 million combinations of 3D characters, including adults, kids, elders, and pets, the library opens up a world of possibilities. Each category offers unique traits and various combinations, making every creation unique.

2.  User-Friendly Blender Generator: The innovative Blender Generator simplifies the process of character customization. It's designed for users at all levels – from Blender novices to experts, ensuring everyone can quickly bring their vision to life.

3.  Comprehensive Packs:

Adults Pack: Features modular 3D characters of diverse ethnicities and genders.

Kids Pack: Includes both boy and girl characters in various skin tones.

Elders Pack: Offers a range of elder characters, reflecting the rich tapestry of age.

Pets Pack: Contains lovable 3D pets like Shiba Inu, Husky, and cute cats.

Detailed Customization: Each pack has various hairstyles, clothing options, accessories, and poses. The characters are fully rigged in body and face, allowing for nuanced expressions and movements.

Accessibility Features: Including a wheelchair character underlines the commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Innovative Randomizer Script: Generate unique characters with a single click in Blender, enhancing the creative process with spontaneity.

PNG Files and 3D Scenes: Over 16,200 pre-rendered PNG files and five distinct 3D scenes with various objects are available, perfect for quick use in projects.

Tutorials for Beginners: Step-by-step guides make it easy for those new to Blender or 3D design to start.

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Use Cases: Ideal for gaming, AR/VR, UI design, marketing materials, social media posts, and personal projects.

Looking to spice up your game, make your virtual world more lifelike, or give your app a friendly face?

ILLUSTRATIONZ has you covered. Our 3D characters are perfect for game developers, AR/VR magic-makers, and app creators who want to add personality and depth to their designs.

If you're into marketing or love to keep your social media buzzing, these eye-catching characters will help your posts stand out. Imagine your next blog post or newsletter popping with fun, cartoon-style 3D friends that keep your readers hooked!

And for those personal projects—whether you're crafting a digital storybook or personalizing your blog—our characters are like your digital playdough. Mold them to fit your vision, and watch your ideas come to life with a touch of 3D charm.

With ILLUSTRATIONZ, you're not just getting 3D characters but unlocking a world of creativity. It's all about making your projects more engaging, fun, and totally you.

Customer Testimonials:

"Based on my experience using libraries from ThreeDee. I got a lot of benefits from it. They do not provide the results of its 3d only. But they also provide an editable source file so that I can adjust each pose according to my will.Also, it is so easy to editable for newbies like me, there are instructions to guide me It's so freaking awesome!"

Kevin Al-Rizal

UX/UI Designer

"Congratulations a great job!!! One of the best 3D asset solutions today!"

Pedro Noronha

Product Designer

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ILLUSTRATIONZ is not just a 3D character library; it's a tool that empowers creativity and storytelling. Whether for professional projects or personal exploration, it offers the flexibility, diversity, and ease of use that modern digital creators crave.

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