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Welcome back to ThreeDee; we have brought you the top 10 mind-blowing 3D artworks created exclusively with Blender.

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This incredible piece created for LightBox Expo by Prashan Subasinghe is kicking off our list. He used geometry nodes to create smoke trails and stylized textures and employed ee-vee for real-time rendering. Also, he rigged and animated models all by himself. Unbelievable!

Next up, we have 'Pizza Stylized' by Farrukh Abdur. He used grease pencils and created a real-time material shader to add a stylized look. The rendering is all done in ee-vee. Vibrant colors, masterfully stylized textures, and even an unexpected cheese simulation using geometry nodes showcase the incredible versatility and innovation that Blender artists bring to the forefront of 3D creativity.

Pizza Stylized

Moving on to our third spot, we have '3D Fast Food' by Mylène Charpentier, a delightful cartoony style that genuinely pops, brought to life with

3D Fast Food
3D Fast Food

Blender's Freestyle tool for impeccable linework. The fusion of whimsical aesthetics and the precision of Freestyle rendering elevates this creation, showcasing how Blender empowers artists to seamlessly blend technical expertise with charming artistic expression.

Now, let's immerse ourselves in the enchanting artwork by Oday Abuzaeed, where the artist has transcended the limits of Blender's capabilities to fashion a surreal and stylized Ghibli-inspired marketplace. This artwork's dreamlike atmosphere, vibrant colors, and imaginative detailing make it an absolute standout. He created night and morning versions of it and even added some moths. Great artwork!

Florist 花屋
Florist 花屋

Halfway through our list, we have Kitchen by 3D duckling. A cozy kitchen rendered in Cycles, where simplicity meets brilliance. With a palette of great colors and masterful lighting, the artist has transformed ordinary textures into a harmonious symphony of warmth. Every corner of this kitchen radiates comfort and charm, showcasing how the power of Cycles in Blender can turn simplicity into a captivating visual experience.


Diving into Artwork #6, we encounter 'Eric Kendricks' by the talented Simon Brokmann. This piece stands out with its unique blend of realistic stylization, featuring a notably larger-than-life head. The artist's mastery is evident in achieving a realistic portrayal while infusing a distinctive stylized touch. The carefully curated color palette further enhances the visual impact, making 'Eric Kendricks' a captivating showcase of skillful artistry and creative innovation within Blender.

Eric Kendricks
Eric Kendricks

Moving on to Artwork #7, we have 'Baker of the Year' by the talented Jose Pontes. This piece takes center stage with a fantastic stylized character that boasts impeccable aesthetics and showcases excellent topology. The artist's attention to detail shines through, bringing the character to life with a perfect balance of form and expression. The beautiful color palette adds an extra layer of charm, making 'Baker of the Year' a stellar example of top-tier character design within the vibrant world of Blender.

Baker of the year

Now, let's delve into the whimsical world of Artwork #8, featuring 'Troll' by the imaginative Miguel Angel Monreal. This piece captivates with its intriguing hyperbolized stylized anatomy, where the artist fearlessly explores exaggerated proportions and fantastical elements. The bold approach to character design creates a visually engaging and memorable troll character. Miguel Angel Monreal's artistic prowess shines through, turning 'Troll' into a fascinating study in stylized anatomy within the realm of Blender.


Stepping into Artwork #9, we encounter the mesmerizing 'Bright Citrus' by the talented Omar Faruq. This piece is a harmonious blend of classical oil painting techniques and modern, vibrant colors. Omar Faruq skillfully fuses the timeless elegance of classical artistry with a contemporary color palette, creating a visual symphony that transcends eras. 'Bright Citrus' stands as a testament to the artist's ability to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation within the canvas of Blender's creative possibilities.

Bright Citrus

In our grand finale at the tenth spot, we're delighted to showcase 'Gray Fox' by the talented Lyndl Kempis. This stylized masterpiece offers a playful twist, resembling a toy-like diorama. Lyndl Kempis ingeniously recreates an iconic scene from the first game, transforming the intense face-off between Snake and Gray Fox into a charming and imaginative tableau. 'Gray Fox' stands out for its nod to gaming history and the artist's creative flair in turning a classic moment into a captivating toy-like spectacle within the world of Blender.

Gray Fox
Gray Fox

There you have it, folks! Our top 10 picks for 3D artworks are made exclusively with Blender from the talented artists on ArtStation.

Each piece demonstrates Blender's incredible diversity and power as a 3D creation tool. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe for more content, and let us know in the comments which artwork was your favorite. Until next time, keep creating and exploring the world of 3D art.

Happy blending!

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