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Why people HATE Blender?

In this blog, we explore why some people may dislike Blender, despite its widely-used and powerful 3D modeling software. We uncover common misconceptions and misunderstandings that may contribute to negative perceptions of the program and aim to clear up any confusion for readers.

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Why people hate Blender. Red little character showing the anger of Blender users.

ThreeDee's Showdown: Blender vs Cinema 4D

This post makes a quick comparison of Blender vs. Cinema 4D. Read on to find out how both 3D software fare against each other.

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Blender vs. Cinema 4D

10 Beginner Blender Character Modeling Tips

3D Modeling can feel challenging sometimes. Fortunately, I have compiled 10 Blender Character Modeling Tips for you. Check them out!

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Basic Blender Character Modeling Tips

Why Blender is Hard to Learn

Blender is known to appear scary to beginners. In this article, we discussed several reasons why Blender is hard to learn.

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Why Blender is Hard

Easy to use Blender 3D Character Generator

The 3D Character Generator in Blender provides an excellent means of creating almost any character you wish. Find out how to install it and much more in this post!

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3D Character Generator

Inverse vs Forward Kinematics: Everything You Need to Know

This post discusses Inverse vs Forward Kinematics in animation. Find out why you might choose one over the other.

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Inverse vs Forward Kinematics

TOP 10 Stylized Artworks in Blender

Explore the most captivating and innovative stylized artworks created using Blender. This list showcases the top 10 pieces that stand out in creativity, technique, and visual appeal.

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Red vintage car flying with colorful geometric shapes and luggage in a stylized desert.

Why Blender is NOT an Industry standard

Are you wondering why Blender isn't considered an industry standard in 3D modeling and animation? In this video, we'll be debunking that myth and explaining why Blender can be a choice among professionals in the industry. From its powerful features and capabilities to its accessibility and affordability, we'll cover all the reasons Blender is a valuable tool for any artist?

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Blender as industry standard hero picture

ILLUSTRATIONZ – Modular cartoon 3D characters of family

Step into the colorful and expansive realm of ILLUSTRATIONZ, your go-to source for exceptional 3D illustration. This all-in-one collection boasts 3D cartoon characters ideal for expert designers and digital art newcomers. Meet every creative challenge with our diverse lineup, including lifelike adults, animated kids, experienced elders, and cute pets. ILLUSTRATIONZ is dedicated to providing you with top-quality, modular, and distinctively stylized 3D characters, making it a breeze to bring your imaginative projects to life.

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A diverse group of 3D illustrated characters, including adults, elders, kids, and pets.

Blender 4.0 Unveiled: Discover the Exciting New Features and Updates!

Blender 4.0 has arrived, packed with excellent new features that will likely change how we use Blender. As the last major 2023 release, it sets the stage for future updates.

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 Artistic Blender 4.0 render of a bicycle in a vibrant, colorful courtyard.